Things that didn’t work



Bike Share….Er, Bike Steal

We have tried bike shares at Dartmouth a number of times. They haven’t lasted. Why? Well, usually two main reasons.
1) There was no accountability for users, so people took the bikes and didn’t bring them back.
2) They didn’t have a lasting maintenance plan, or relied on one passionate student to do the maintenance. And then that student graduated….
Hopeflly Zagster will address these problems! And, simultaneously, Dartmouth Bikes is working to reduce bike waste on campus. 

Wind Turbines on the Green!

More than a few students have suggested that we put a wind turbine up at Dartmouth. While we love the idea of generating our own power right here in Hanover, there are some obstacles that make a wind turbine here infeasible. First, there is not enough wind. Second, there are more efficient ways for us to go green(er). So we’re focusing our attention on those things and saving the Green for Frisbee, the snow sculpture, and combining studying with a little solar-tanning action.

Cloth Hand Towels in the Dorms

It’s been tried. While it might work for some individuals, at the dorm level it led to many people with colds and a lot of disappearing hand towels.

No More Takeout Containers! Bring Your Own Bowl and Wash It!

Seems like a great idea, right?! Everyone brings his or her own bowl to the dining hall and washes it! Or we have a dish exchange where studentscan bring their dirty bowls and drop them off, getting clean, full ones at their next meal. Dartmouth has tried many versions of this over the years. Two consistent problems have undermined success:
1) It turns out we all have a different idea of what a tolerable level of “dirty” is. And many people’s ideas are well below health code….
2) People tend to forget to bring their bowls, and then we need to buy more and then the incentive to bring them back goes down and then we need to buy more. You get the idea.
That said, we know many people like this idea, and we are still thinking about how to build on what we know hasn’t worked to create something that does.

Remember something that was tried and didn’t work? Email it to us! We want to learn about what hasn’t worked too.

Or have an idea for how something that didn't work could work? Have a way to recycle or resuse an old idea into something awesome? Share It Now.