Student Spotlight: Brianna Beach ‘20


Brianna Beach ’20, hit the green ground running. While this is only her first term at Dartmouth, she has already discovereda home in the Sustainability Office, working as an EcoRep and volunteering as a member of ECO. Bright and bubbly, Brianna answered a few questions about her Dartmouth experience and sustainability dreams.

Where you are from? How did you choose Dartmouth?

BB: I’m from Miami, Florida. I chose Dartmouth because when I visited in the summer before my senior year I simply fell in love with it. After a day on campus, I felt like I was home. I had visited a series of college campuses before but none resonated with me as much as Dartmouth did. The people I encountered on my visit were all so welcoming. The campus was beautiful and the opportunities offered here were beyond belief.

What do you hope to study while on campus? How do those studies relate to sustainability?

BB: I hope to double major in Government and Latin American, Latinx, and Caribbean Studies. The two majors don’t directly relate to sustainability, but I hope to take some ENVS classes in the terms to come.

Why did you become involved with the Sustainability Office? What has your experience as an intern been like?

BB: I became involved with the Sustainability Office because I believe in its visions and the goal that it hopes to achieve. I want to leave behind more than a tombstone and a carbon footprint. The work that I get to do with the Sustainability Office allows me to make an impact in the community I care about. So far, it’s been amazing. I have found a genuine group of people who all care about the world we live in and the people who live in it. It’s been refreshing to see such passionate individuals who make it a point to do/live better. Everyone I’ve interacted with as an intern has been extremely welcoming and helpful. It definitely helped ease some of my nerves about being a freshman again.

Recently Dartmouth announced the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society. What are your thoughts on this? What do you think are the implications for the future of sustainability at Dartmouth and beyond? 

BB: I think the Institute, if executed correctly, has the potential to really push Dartmouth to be more sustainable. The Institute would be connected to all areas of campus, and hopefully it will be a vehicle for change. I think Dartmouth’s future in sustainability is promising. As students become more involved and concerned with the issues that concern sustainability, more change is inevitable. The sustainability oriented students that graduate from here are going to go out into the world and continue to make environmental issues a priority. I think the implications for the future of sustainability here and beyond The Green are promising. We can’t afford for them to be anything less than that.

What else are you involved with on campus?

BB: Outside of being an EcoRep, I’m a Great Issues Scholar with the Dickey Center for International Understanding, a member of Dartmouth Caribbean Connection, a member of Dartmouth Council on Climate Chnage, and a member of ECO.

How do you incorporate sustainability into your daily life? What else can Dartmouth students do to be more sustainable?

BB: Living more sustainably is something that I try to tackle every day. From the smaller things, like only taking the stairs or having a reusable cup to the bigger things like wearing more sustainable clothing or eating responsibly. Dartmouth students can be more sustainable by overall being more mindful of their actions and the impacts that each action they take has. Every bit helps. Students can turn off the lights in their rooms if they’re not home, turn off the faucets, sort their waste, and simply learn more.

Favorite thing about Dartmouth? What do you do for fun?

BB: My favorite thing about Dartmouth has been the people. It’s been great to be around such an eclectic group of intellectuals. For fun you can usually find me out with friends. I also like spending down time outside (as long as its above 45 degrees) or in my dorm listening to music with my pet fish.

Favorite class you've taken so far?

BB: This is only my first term but out of my three courses, Intro to Latin American and Caribbean studies is my favorite. If you’re interested in sustainability just look for the groups on campus that focus on it. I stepped slightly out of my comfort zone and attended an ECO meeting and I haven’t looked back since. Dartmouth has so many green groups on campus and I think it’s definitely worth exploring them. 

Last thoughts on how we can create sustainability change?

BB: I think the first thing is getting the knowledge out there. Even though we hear a great deal about environmental conservation and the melting poles, many of us are unaware of the contributing factors and even the repercussions of these things. I don’t think there’s any harm in learning the facts and sharing them with those around you. Hopefully the knowledge of what’s at hand will work to mobilize the masses and will result in a more conscious population of global citizens.

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