The Green side of Red and Blue; The 2016 Presidential candidates views on the environment


Political season 2016 is (finally) coming to a close.  On November 8th, Americans will go to the polls and elect not only a new president, but new senate and house members as well. If you are eligible to vote and are not yet registered, you should do so here! All of these races are important and their outcomes will help shape the direction our country will head over the coming four years. This year, it is hard not to focus on the highest rank in our country; Commander in Chief, POTUS…..President of the United States. Over the past year, each candidate has voiced their opinions on many issues, both foreign and domestic. But where do Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein stand on environmental issues? How do they feel about the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Fracking? What about funding for the EPA? For an unbiased look at the stances of the presidential candidates on environmental issues, check out the following resources below:

On The Issues is a terrific resource to look at the presidential candidates’ voting history and stance on environmental issues. The layout is very simple and impartial. The site not only discusses environmental policy, but plenty of other issues including government reform, immigration, homeland security, civil rights and education. Check out for a comprehensive look at how each candidate has voted in the past and their current environmental rhetoric. is another great resource to educate yourself about the candidates’ environmental positions this political season. This site is much more focused on elaborating on the candidates’ individual positions on specific issues. The format is similar to Wikipedia and unbiased.

Are you an undecided voter? Check out Take a short quiz on a variety of issues including immigration, healthcare reform, the environment, economics/taxes, homeland security and more to find out who your views most align with. You might be surprised!

No matter who you vote for, get out there and vote on November 8th! Elections count and can have a big impact on the future of sustainability problem solving!

Photo Source: Business Insider

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