5 Simple Things you can do to be more sustainable at Dartmouth and everywhere!


What does it take to inspire true interdisciplinary learning?

Dartmouth has always been a place of great ideas: innovation is one of our deep traditions. We have many examples of sustainability innovation at the intersection of operations and academics, people coming up with ideas and then following through to make them work. In 1988, a group of students in an Environmental Science class designed a recycling program for Dartmouth and, with support from a dedicated faculty member and Dartmouth staff, they got it done, making Dartmouth an early adopter of recycling and a national model. In 1996 another group of students built on earlier ideas and brought them to fruition at the Organic Farm. In 2007, a company born at the Thayer School is now leading the way to a future where energy can be stored. In 2010, a passionate group of students developed a proposal for a Revolving Loan Fund that drives energy efficiency on campus, and right now, we are implementing that idea. There are many more stories like these of Dartmouth people developing groundbreaking ideas that actually work.


We will change the world.

By boldly nourishing and investing in sustainability innovation, we can be a leader in a global future where progress means a better life for more people. We embrace global challenges as opportunities to do great things that have real impact. We will do this by bringing people together across disciplines and around great challenges to develop innovative ways to actually get sustainability DONE: not just by developing the right technology or policy or approach but by connecting all those elements and more with an understanding of context. This will be our impact. This can be our unique contribution, one that is true to who we are and one that changes the world.

So how do we do this? What does it look like? Now is the time to get involved.