Campus Efforts

We think we have the opportunity to develop something at Dartmouth that the world desperately needs.

Sustainability is not a challenge that sits neatly within a discipline, it’s a human challenge. We think that we can develop an approach to sustainability that can have an impact.

Engineering is not usually the limiting factor to getting sustainability done. Nor is public policy. Nor is education. Nor is regulation. Nor is technology. But the way these things interact—the process, the series of events necessary to implement a solution—can be the limiting factor. Learning to get sustainability done well, in the real world, is what we need to move us towards a sustainable future.

We’re talking about innovations that challenge us to bring together seemingly independent disciplines. We’re talking about approaching problems with an understanding of the ecosystems—social, biological, financial, cultural, organizational, infrastructural—in which they exist. We’re talking about developing solutions to global problems, with an eye towards social justice, good health, and what sustains all of us, beyond food and water.

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