Culture and Learning Working Group


The Learning and Culture Working Group is all about the people of Dartmouth. Our mission is in many ways the broadest of the working groups and at its core are three questions:

1. How will sustainability enhance and support the Dartmouth experience, inside and outside the classroom?

2. How do we leverage Dartmouth’s unique identity effectively to become a globally significant hotbed of sustainability innovation and leadership?

3. How will sustainability leadership be a benefit to Dartmouth and our standing in the world?


Anne Kapuscinski Program Chair and Professor of Environmental Studies
David Peart • Professor of Biological Sciences
Carissa Aoki • PhD student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Michael Blayney Director of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Jack Boger ‘13
Mark Borsuk • Assistant Professor of Engineering
Carrie Fraser • Assistant Dean, Academic and Student Affairs, Thayer School of Engineering
Sarah Frostenson ‘11
Rich Howarth • Professor of Environmental Studies
Karol Kawiaka • Senior Lecturer of Studio Art
Suzanne Kelson ’12
Gabrielle Lucke • Director of Training & Educational Programs, Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity
Kurt Nelson • Assistant Chaplain, Tucker Foundation
Kathleen O’Leary T‘12
Becky Rice-Mesec • Administrator ?, MBA Program, Tuck School of Business
Adina Roskies • Associate Professor of Philosophy
Paul Sunde • Director of Admissions Operations and Strategy
Rand Swenson Professor of Anatomy and Neurology, Dartmouth Medical School
George Thorman ’11
Marcus Welker • PhD student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

In addition to our core members, the Learning and Culture Working Group has engaged a much bigger group of Dartmouth community members in a series of workshops that used different exercises to generate and capture ideas, most of which have been incorporated into our report. It was critical to us to "walk the walk" of inclusiveness on sustainability. We have a debt of gratitude to the many members of this Learning and Culture Sounding Board who provided invaluable perspective, amazing ideas and shaped recommnedations.

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