Materials Working Group


We were the working group with the down-to-earth mission: to find ways to manage “stuff” at Dartmouth more intelligently. To buy less, use things well, and dispose of them better. We know, for example, that many things that Dartmouth discards are things that other places or people could use. We’re looking at things like improving the flow of materials around campus to reduce redundant purchases and limit waste.  We’re looking for ways to close a troubling gap: Even with a 2015 goal of recycling 45 percent of campus waste out ahead of us, a 2009 trash audit conducted by the student Environmental Conservation Organization found that 70-75 percent of collected trash was either recyclable or compostable. There’s a higher goal beyond 2015. We want to find the path to reach it.


Michael Cimis • Associate Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Andy Friedland • Professor of Environmental Studies
Jonathan Garthwaite Assistant Director of Maintenance Services, Campus Planning and Facilities
Dave Harris • Director of Facilities, Dartmouth Medical School
Gary Hill • Assistant Director of Facilities and Grounds Services, Campus Planning and Facilties
Rosi Kerr ‘97 Director of Dartmouth Sustainability Office
Tammy Moffatt • Director, Procurement Services
Dan Nelson ‘75 • Director, Outdoor Programs Office
Dave Newlove • Director, Dartmouth Dining Services
John Steidl • Director of Project Management Office, Finance and Administration
Doug Van Citters ‘98 Assistant Professor of Engineering
Joanna Whitcomb • Director, Campus Planning and Design