Energy Working Group

Our Challenge

We’re the working group assigned the important task of articulating goals, metrics, and a long-term vision for more sustainable energy management at Dartmouth. We’re looking at things like building design and construction, energy conservation and efficiency, and—crucially and immediately—our energy supply.

At the moment, we’re locked into a $25 million system with few choices, few alternatives, and almost no flexibility. We rely on a fuel, #6 fuel oil, which is volatile in cost and high in price, both in dollars and in environmental terms. We know we can do better.

It is a time for bold thinking.

Who we are

Ken Packard • Assistant Director of Engineering and Utilities, Campus Planning and Facilities
Rosi Kerr ‘97 • Director of Sustainability
Frank Roberts • Director of Facilities Operations and Management, Campus Planning and Facilities
Steve Shadford • Energy Engineer, Facilities Operations and Management
Charlie Sullivan • Associate Professor of Engineering
Chris Levey • Associate Professor of Engineering, Microengineering Laboratory
 Director, Instructional Laboratories
 Director, Adjunct Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Erin Mansur • Associate Professor of Economics
Lorie Loeb • Research Associate Director in Computer Science
Woody Eckels Director of Residential Operations, Office of Residential Life

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