How Dartmouth Works: Energy

Making the Invisible Visible

It used to be that to know how we used energy, you would have had to walk around campus and read meters.... and even then you wouldn't have seen everything. Thanks to our Energy Team in Facilties, Operations and Maintenance, all that has changed! In 2010, the team installed smart meters on nearly every building on campus and a state of the art energy infromation systems that allow us to see exactly what is going on. This allows us to catch fans that are stuck on, light timers that are out of whack and vents that are jammed open in the winter just to name a few real life examples. 

If you're an energy dork (which we are, and we're proud!), check out the Dartmouth Energy website to learn more about the history of our heating plant, how we produce and consume energy at Dartmouth and much more.