About Us


We challenge and empower Dartmouth College and our students to solve the human and environmental problems presented by a rapidly changing planet. We do this via hands on learning, building inclusive community, and transforming campus operations.

Our Vision

We imagine a Dartmouth where:

All students understand the challenges of a rapidly changing planet, are motivated to address those challenges, and are equipped with the skills they need to effectively create change.

Students are empowered to be sustainability leaders while they are at Dartmouth and to effect change here.

Sustainability problems are systemic and multifaceted. Therefore, diverse points of view are necessary for generating effective solutions. At Dartmouth, diverse, interdisciplinary groups of students, faculty and staff come together to develop solutions that are just, equitable, and available to all people. 

Campus operations are reimagined to prioritize human and environmental well-being. Dartmouth pilots the best solutions here.

Dartmouth is a leader in providing the world with the research, innovations, teaching models and human capital needed to tackle global sustainability challenges.

Our Approach and What We Value

(If you read this list, you will get a sense for who we are and how we function.)
We value new ideas and will fearlessly try new things.
We embrace challenging conversations and contrary points of view.
We collaborate and build off good ideas.
We strive to bring a positive approach to problem solving.
We value pausing for reflection, as well as learning from mistakes and from each other.
We actively create an office where everyone feels welcome and safe, we value individual well-being and happiness, and we work with a sense of team adventure. 
We balance challenging the status quo and being mindful of our bandwidth, political capital and relationships around campus.
We strive to lead among sustainability offices and to collaborate on best practices.
We actively educate ourselves about the cutting edge of sustainability solutions and the big picture of global sustainability.


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