Be an Intern or EcoRep

Interested in hands-on learning about sustainability? Want to solve real problems, addressing real challenges? Want to make sustainability your passion AND your job? Join the Sustainability Office Team!


The EcoReps are a team of First-Year students who spend the year tackling a sustainability challenge and implementing solutions. EcoReps apply in the early fall for full-year positions that occupy 4-8 hours of their average week. Typically we have 60-100 applicants for 10 EcoReps spots.

In the fall, EcoReps go through an in-depth training program. The team learns how Dartmouth works, through the lens of sustainability, including our energy, food, and waste systems. They are trained in hard skills like social marketing, effective communication (including how to write a good email!), navigating Dartmouth’s structure, public speaking, teamwork and leadership skills. In the winter and spring, EcoReps design a project to tackle one sustainability challenge and implement a solution. This year the Reps are focused on converting existing spaces on campus into robust and inclusive social spaces with sustainability as the driving force. Interested in being an EcoRep? Email us and we’ll send you the application for 2014 EcoReps.


The Dartmouth Sustainability Office has a robust internship program.  Interns are sophmores, juniors, and seniors who work in small teams on specific projects.  Some internships are all year, others are term by term.  At the start of each term, intern teams meet with the Sustainability Office and set goals for the term and for the year.  Then, each team meets with the Sustainability Office weekly to check in on progress and set short-term goals for the following week.  Interns are expected to lead, manage, and drive their projects, and each intern has the oppurtunity to make a real impact here at Dartmouth.  Interested in becoming an intern?  Have an idea for a project you want to pitch?  Email us! Check out our list below to get a sense of the types of projects our interns work on. 

Sustainable Moving Sale-- Staff Sale

The Sustainable Moving Sale was started by students in 2008 and now generates over $10,000/year for student sustainability project grants. Outgoing students donate mini-fridges, durable goods (bookshelves, plastic storage bins, clothes hangers etc. etc.), the Sustainable Moving Sale organizes, cleans and refurbs them, and then incoming (and returning) students buy items at a huge sale each fall.  Student interns run the sale, learning how to run a small business effectively while organizing teams of workers, managing a budget and learning the ins and outs of operations. This fall we are expanding the sale to staff, faculty and community members interested in office supplies and furniture!

Dartmouth Bikes

This team is working to transform Dartmouth’s bike “problem”  (150 bikes a year abandoned on campus) into Dartmouth’s bike opportunity (amazing bike-friendly culture).  So far it looks like the solution is in two parts: 1) A bike repair shop that makes it easy for students to maintain their bikes and to purchase used bikes on campus. 2) A community bike share that builds on previous experiences to create a durable, sustainable bike share for the Dartmouth and Hanover community that supports a healthy bike culture. Check out the recently implemented Dartmouth Bike Policy!

Green Greeks

This team is working to enable Dartmouth’s Greek system to be an active part of a culture of sustainability at Dartmouth — from making their houses more energy-efficient to improving recycling to engaging Greeks in solving sustainability challenges in the world.

Spring Farm Interns

These interns help support all of the programming that happens at the Dartmouth Organic Farm--whether its harvesting vegetables, leading tours of our new barn, or working with our farm manager Scott on a new sustainability project, the Farm Intern keeps busy! The interns support fall farm stands and organizes student volunteering days. The intersn also work in the greenhouse as we transition out of production and prepare for the winter months.

Sustainable Dartmouth Intern

This intern is our overlord, helping guide the Intern teams and taking on at least one specific project of his/her own. The Sustainable Dartmouth Intern organizes one large event per term, for example Sustainability 101, the Sustainability Summit, and Earth Week.

EcoReps Managers

The EcoReps Mangers are the advisors and "parents" to the freshmen EcoRep interns. They help run our weekly training and action sessions, and serve as a resource and guide as the EcoReps decide on their project plans. The Managers plan curriculum and offer firsthand knowledge of how to become change agents on Dartmouth's campus.